Magic Chord Progression Method

As per the YouTube Video, my new method simplifies the creation of chord progressions. Mapping the sound to an MPC type device makes it easier to visualize the chord substitutions, however they can also be played through a normal MIDI keyboard or even your computer keyboard.

They are structured as a four chord sequence which the chords running from left to right. The bottom row is the basic chord progression. They can be substituted with chord from above. The higher up you go, the further away from the main key you stray. A chord progression does not have to have all chords in the one key. Use this guide to get creative with your chords.

Click HERE to download a free sample of the Gminor chords. The zip file contains the following

12 x WAV Files

12 x MIDI Files

1 x PDF

A whole pack of chords and PDFs will be available shortly.

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