Chord progression 1

    This is a 2-5-1 progression in the C major scale

    Note how the G7 is played on an inversion. This makes it easier to play for keys.

    Melodies will always sound good if your play the minor pentatonic

    Chord progression 2

    “This starts off with a 6-2-3, then repeats with a borrowed chord – Gbmin9th

    Note that Gbmin will fit into a lot of Cmajor progressions

    Again I have followed the A minor pentatonic however the last note in the melody was an Ab to match the Gbmin9th final chord

    Chord progression 3

    For this, the initial progression is 1-4-5 however note that (5) for this case is Gminor not G7

    For Rnb music it is common to replace the seventh (or dominant chord) with a minor chord.

    Also note that the final chord is a Cmajor just played on an inversion

    Chord progression 4

    This starts off with a borrowed chord Gmin9th but works well for the remaining chords for Cmajor

    Use the Aminor pentatonic again for the melodies

    Chord progression 5

    No borrowed chords for this progression, however  do note that the Gmaj9th and Emin9th both use a black 9th key which is technically outside the scale but works well with R&B”