Cool R&B chord progressions 1

This progression starts off in the key of Eb Major
E Flat Major on Piano
The first chord is Fmin9th with the inverted 9th key played as G, next to the F.
Next I play B7 but inverting it so that I can leave my pinky on the F, very neat trick.
I repeat that twice, then play Gb Maj 9th which is in a different key but I am able to still play in the scale of Eb my my right hand, this is what gives it such a jazzy feeling. And then the finger trick again,but transposing and shifting my thumb and index finger getting a C7 Aug inverted.

At around 27 secs I threw in a chord from another scale again – Gmin9th (Bb Scale), then inverted C7. The Eb scale is very similar to the Eb scale which is why they are interchangeable.

E flat scale is as below.

EbMaj, Fmin, Gmin, AbMaj, Bb7, Cmin, Ddim

Bb scale is below

BbMaj, Cmin, Dmin, EbMaj, F7, Gmin, Adim

As you can from the bold text see there are some shared chords. Try playing using the Lounge Lizard VST, to get that smooth Neo soul / Jazzy sound. I like to tweak my own presets.


13 thoughts on “Cool R&B chord progressions 1”

    1. Hi, I don’t think I do. If I did it may take a while searching. It may be easier to simply play it again and record the MIDI through my DAW. I’ll do that and send you the file.

  1. You’re not playing B7. Its a rootless Bb13. A classic II-V progression with some extensions for colour.

    You repeat a couple of times then move to the VI.

    Remember RnB chords follow the rules. They become RnB because of the sound, the rhythm and the arrangement of the track.

    4 bar chord loops are all over the place.

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