Floetry – Say Yes – Chords

Remember this Neo Soul classic from Floetry. The chords progressions are below. Also in the Neo Soul Artists Tab (top right)

Gmin 11th, Fmin 11th, Eb min 11th,  Dbmaj 11th. Incidentally, the 11th key should be emphasized as the melody (as per the song introduction).


4 thoughts on “Floetry – Say Yes – Chords”

  1. This is called constant structures voicings. Borrowed from1960s jazz, but originally comes from 1860s Reconstruction era Blues!

    Here we have a series of minor chords linked by roots in a unifying scale. The persistent chord quality defies diatonicism, adding the interesting colors. The use of the M chord at the end adds a satisfying and interesting contrast without disrupting the constant structures excessively.

    Nice that you worked it out. It’s the best way.

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