Free Electric Piano VST

For those that own Propellerhead Reason, did you know about the free refills available that simulate the sound of the Wurlitzer, Rhodes and other pianos for Neo Soul. Simply use your MIDI controller in order to recreate these awesome sounds. It better to use a controller keyboard that has velocity touch so you can bang some expression into your music. This is something definitely worth purchasing Reason for.

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4 thoughts on “Free Electric Piano VST”

    1. There are a lot of good free pluggins around. If you have Reason, then there are some really nice Piano Pluggins, especially the Mechanical & Electronic pluggin.

    1. Recently I am mainly using the sounds from my Korg Krome, however I also like using the Lounge Lizard VST pluggin through Ableton Live. I will use the Korg as MIDI controller and turn the volume knob down.

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