Best Keyboard for Neo Soul

An invaluable keyboard for Neo Soul, Jazz, R&B keyboardists has to be the Korg SV-1 Vintage Piano. Not only does this feel like a real keyboard, it is powered by a tube driven amp giving it that distinct vintage sound, suitable for this type of music. The hammer action keys let you put expression into your performances too. It features the below:


  • Grand Pianos: Smooth European; Lively Japanese; Mono Grand (for live); etc.
  • Electric Pianos: Tine styles; Reed Types; Plucked Type; Clavs; etc.
  • Electronic Pianos: Korg SG-1D; Transistor; ‘80s synth; VPM styles; etc.
  • Organs: Tonewheels; USA Tube Console; Italian Combo; VOX
  • Keyboards: String Machine, Tape Strings, Synth Brass; etc.
  • Other: Piano + Layers; Real Strings; Real Choir, etc.

Perfect for any stage performance


UPDATE ! I have recently purchased a Nord Electro 5D – much lighter awesome keyboard. In my opinion it sounds better the the above keyboard !!!

2 thoughts on “Best Keyboard for Neo Soul”

  1. For me personally its about the feel of the keys rather than the sound patches it has. I can always hook it up to MIDI and use some nice Neo Soul VSTs anyway.

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