Chords for Alicia Keys ft. Maxwell – Fire we make

See below for the chord progression for “Fire we make” – Alicia Keys, featuring Maxwell.

Not all Neo Soul or R&B songs have to use jazzy type chords and keys. This track is in fact rather simple. It is based around the key of C and still sounds soulful. check our the chords below.

Amin                                              Dmin

Hey baby how you doing tonight


I wanna let you know


I wanna tell you just how I feel


I wanna love you baby


And it’s going so right


I wanna burn a candle


Turn the darkness to the light


With the fire we make

Bbmaj – This is one of the few keys changes in this song.

It’s getting hotter and hotter


Like a moth to a flame


I can’t stay away

You should be able to work out the rest of the chords. Try playing along to the video below.

8 thoughts on “Chords for Alicia Keys ft. Maxwell – Fire we make”

  1. East Independence Blvd

    Time out Hezekiah! With all due respect for putting your transcription out here, you have missed some essential chromatic movement going on. Call it jazz if you wish but it’s there.

    In the verses there is a very clear Am7 – Bbmaj9, Am7 – Dm7 groove (Hey baby, how you doing tonight?) followed by Am7 (I want to let you know, I want to tell you), then the core blues hook which is Fm7/Ab – Em7/G – Dm7/F (just how I feel.) The A-Ab-G-F is heard in the bass line as well and is the essence of the song.

    The last 3 chords can be written as 6ths if you prefer, which would be Am6 – G6 – F6.

    Also in the bridge section it rises up from the to a Bm7 then Bbmaj9 before going back to Am7. I won’t go through the entire transcription there but that second chromatic is crystal clear when I listen.

    That ii7-iibmaj9-i7 movement when the bridge returns to the main theme is directly from the post bop pipeline (credit Coltrane on A Love Supreme) through classic 70s rock, vocal fusion and r&b. The jazz/blues changes are not optional if one is going to play the tune properly and reach the spiritual heights of the original. I hope you will take this criticism as constructive. We are all growing and learning. Peace.

    1. Thank you for the comment, and your version of the chords, I do play and sing at the same time using 7th, so not sure why I omitted them.
      I will have a go at your chords – cheers.

  2. East Independence Blvd

    Correction: Replace “The last 3 chords can be written as 6ths if you prefer, which would be Am6 – G6 – F6” the correct chord is Abm6 not Am6. Thanks.

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