It is never too late to learn to play musical instruments

If you love music but have never had the time to study, never worry. It is never too late to learn to play a musical instrument.

Guitar, drums, saxophone , keyboard, bass, piano, harp etc.  If you have always wanted to learn to play an instrument it is never too late to do so. Many adults are encouraged to fulfill their dreams and so you still have time.

The tradition is to attend a school or take private lessons. There are also those who ask for assistance from friends or acquaintances who can play an instrument, but there are those who prefer to be self-taught, and learn by them selves at their own pace. In either case, it is important to have a good ear and a good sense of rhythm.  Many say that playing an instrument itself is not that difficult, the hard part is doing it well.

When you learn to play a musical instrument there are certain physical and mental attributes that become enhanced. You inhibit something called muscle memory (the memory of your body to learn and memorize the positions). Someone who plays the guitar would have greater flexibility in their fingers since they learn to stretch easily. Also someone who learns to play an instrument has a lot of  personal satisfaction and a longer concentration span.

Benefits of playing an instrument.

Improves coordination.

Increases self confidence.

Helps to overcome some fears.

Generates deeper social relationships.

You become more creative in solving everyday problems.

Increases productivity and concentration.

Exercises memory.

Improves language skills, behavior or intelligence.

Reduces stress and depression.

Fosters consistency and discipline.

You become more sensitive to hearing and touch.


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  1. Never too late, I started playing the guitar at 40 years old and am now a profession session guitarist getting paid to record on peoples albums.

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