Best Music Sequencing Software for iOS

Steinberg Cubasis


Compatibility: iPad (requires iOS 5.1 or later)
Steinberg is one of the first companies with a big name in sequencers that has migrated the applications great weight to the iOS platfrom . This Cubasis is a reduced version of his older brother for PC / Mac Still, however it still maintains its look, feel, and many of the original features. This recreation of the iOS Cubase offers unlimited tracks of Audio and MIDI, 70  ‘HALion Sonic’, effects and 300 samples and MIDI loops. It’s support for Audiobus , and  its ability to export projects to Cubase (V6.5 and higher), and an impressive and intuitive design makes Cubasis a great choice. 


Compatibility: iPhone (3GS or later), iPod touch (third generation or later), iPad (requires iOS 5.1 or later) 
GarageBand for iOS  has an appearance and feel very similar to its counterpart for desktop Macs, but this mobile version has a very definite character. This application combines instruments with “touch” and “smart” interface, simple but effective guitar amps/ effects and an eight-track sequencer. Since its launch, a MIDI sync ‘Jam Session’, and Audiobus support, have made it even better. Now this application can act as a complete environment for music creation on any iOS , and covers a variety of different instruments, effects, and even multiple iDevices. For a price of only five dollars it’s worth considering.

 WaveMachine Labs Auria LABS Wavemachine AURIA | $ 45 

Compatibility: iPad (requires iOS 5.1 or later)
With support for Audiobus ,GarageBand maybe a very cheap and simple solution for mixing projects on the  iOS . But for an app with more options, and professional audio mixing, Auria maybe the better choice . This application provides a channel mixer and plug-ins taken from PSPAudioware. There are also extra effects and external tools that can be purchased from within the application. It runs in  64bit, handles multiple sampling frequencies, and can record up to 24 tracks simultaneously through a compatible interface and the Apple Camera Connection Kit. Auria does not support MIDI tracks or  Audiobus, so you can use it as an environment for various instrument effects.

Blip Interactive NanoStudio INTERACTIVE BLIP Nanostudio | $ 13 

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad (requires iOS 5.1 or later) 
NanoStudio is one of the most complete music production systems for iOS . You can not record audio, but you can drive up to tracks of MIDI instruments (upgradeable to 16 via in-app purchase), which enables you to create complete songs with excellent subtractive synth and drum samples from. It offers a mixer section, insert effects, two channels of transmission, and also automation. Along with that, NanoStudio supports Audio Copy / Paste, Core MIDI, and allows you to export to SoundCloud.


 4Pockets Meteor 4Pockets Meteor | $ 18 

Compatibility: iPad (requires iOS 5.1 or later) 
Meteor is a mini-device for iOS that is capable of managing up to 16 tracks for recording (expandable to 24 by-app purchase.) Meteor includes a mixer and a separate window for sequencing.  The strongest point of Meteor lies in its excellent sound effects, although some of them must be purchased from within the application. Meteor provides a useful audio editor in which you can use to cut and sort recordings through Audiobus .


Intua BeatMaker 2Intua BEATMAKER 2 | $ 18 

Compatibility: iPhone (3GS or later), iPod touch (third generation or later), iPad (requires iOS 5.1 or later)
Version 2 offers two types of tools: a rhythm box and well-equipped synth based on samples which also supports multi-track recording. While far from perfect and with it’s limitations, BeatMaker 2 has a gorgeous looking interface, a lot of functions, and many options to export in different file formats which we believe justifies its price.


Xewton Music Studio XEWTON MUSIC STUDIO | $ 14 
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad (requires iOS 5.1 or later) 

This Music Studio from Xewton is one of the pioneers of style sequencing applications for the iOS platform . They have evolved and expanded considerably since  first marketing, becoming a relatively powerful application for creating music in motion. The strengths lie in the audio tracks, recording from microphone, the 126-based instrument samples and the 127 sequencer tracks. It also supports the standard Audiobus and has many options for importing and exporting audio.

Image-Line FL Studio Mobile HD IMAGE-LINE FL STUDIO MOBILE HD | $18 

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad (requires iOS 5.1 or later)
The mobile version of the popular Image-Line FL Studio is based around Xewton Music Studio and offers a very similar set of options, but with a “skin” that resembles the traditional version of FL Studio. It offers, in addition, a set of sample-based instruments that are directed more towards electronic music and share the same names with the FL Studio all though as a whole, the iOS version is much less flexible. On the positive side, since its initial release, FL Studio has increased its capacity by including extra audio tracks, the ‘Wave Editor’, and support for Audiobus . 


Multitrack DAW HarmonicDog 3 HARMONICDOG MULTITRACK DAW 3 | 3 $ 

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad (requires iOS 5.1 or later) 
3 MultiTrack DAW is an audio recording application aimed primarily at musicians and composers for recording demos, or making quick compositions while on the move. It has eight tracks of audio which is expandable to 24 by buying direct from the application. It also has many options aimed for the recording musician, including automatic “prick” (‘punch-in’), input monitoring, and various settings to choose the rhythmic structure. In addition, there are options for reverb type effects, delay, compression and Eq.

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