Sing a chord

have you ever heard of anyone sing a chord? well I mean a triad, referring to three notes at the same time. Sounds impossible doesn’t it since we humans have only one vocal chord. Well check this out, Lalah Hathaway seems to have mastered it. Listen at 6.13

She is singing here with band Snarky Puppy a large Jazz Ensemble that feature various artist from many genres.


3 thoughts on “Sing a chord”

  1. This is amazing, I never though it was possible to sing multiple notes at the same time. I have seen others on YouTube but they seem fake. This looks and sounds 100% genuine. Look at the faces on the other band members. The drummer is like “Get outta here” LOL.

    1. Definitely real and not an effect. Lalah Hathaway is an awesome singer. I saw her perform here in Tokyo with Robert Glasper.

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