Unexpected Neo Soul – Moonchild

From the look of this cover picture, you wouldn’t imagine that this trio were as Jazzy Neo Soul group.  Anyway, race / colour creed aside, this is some nice deep Neo Soul which is a must for the Neo Soul heads out their. Excellent keys and production from the guys and a beautiful voice from the singer.

Check out their album “Be Free” – http://thisismoonchild.bandcamp.com/album/be-free-album

Any they are also coming out with another album very soon.

Check out the video too.




3 thoughts on “Unexpected Neo Soul – Moonchild”

  1. By looking at their faces you would never know. Without sounding prejuctice he album cover looks for like a modern Bee Gees than Neo Soul. Nice stuff though.

  2. Nice, I only recently discovered this group, awesome stuff. I wouldn’t say she sounds like Erykah Badu but she has her own unique voice.

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