19 thoughts on “Lounge Lizard 2 Neo Soul Preset”

    1. You will need to purchase the software which installed the vst into a directory for you. For me I use the FL Studio directory for all my sounds.

  1. I already have Lounge Lizard. I just needed to know where this preset is installed but I see this is a Lounge Lizard 2 preset and I have Lounge Lizard 4.

      1. did you ever figure out how to open your amazing sounding preset? I don’t see an import or a way to load it up. It’s a .lxf file and not the usual .fxp. Thank you for your help.

        1. Hi, Thank you for pointing that out. I must have used an older version to create that file. It doesn’t seem to do anything with Lounge Lizard 4.
          I will try to extract some more presets with this version.

          1. If you could do something like this for ll3 or ll4, that would be amazing.. I can’t find loungelizard2 anywhere to dowload..

          1. Awesome! Hope you can pull it out. One of the all time best EP sounds. Especially for Gospel.

    1. I am actually using Lounge Lizard 4 now and I very much like the packaged presets. Especially Program #11 – “Nice Colours” on the Custom Electric Pianos Bank. I also like to turn up the Tone Bar setting. This gives it a little more “attitude” when you strike the keys.

  2. Hi, I’d really appreciate it if you could send me the updated preset for the latest version of Lizard if at all possible?
    Cheers, Ry

    1. Hi Unfortunately I am no longer using Lounge Lizard. I am using a Epiano VST called Velvet sometime. But mainly I use my hardware Nord Electro5

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