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Just a shout out to let people know that I have started uploading some nice smooth Royalty Free R&B chord loops for you to download and use at your will in your music productions.  These R&B loops are not sampled are copied from anywhere, they are basically made up from the top of my head. I have tried my best to note the keys used however it is not 100% clear on certain chords, however if you have a good ear then you should be able to work them out from listening to the roots.

Rhodes Ico

I have tried to stay away from chords all in one key because that is not very Neo Soul sounding. The Neo Soul has more of a tension feeling, and that tension comes from playing chords outside the starting key, just like jazz where it kind of throws you of balance but somehow puts you right back on your feet at the end of a phrase.

Please note that I am now including the MIDI files as well as the WAV files for Download

Only $5 gets you access to ALL the R&B NEO SOUL Loops!!!

I have made sure the files are non-compressed as raw WAV file so you get the better quality sounds, even though the file sizes are much larger than Mp3’s. I have also included the BPM’s so you can use in your own productions. I will also be uploading some accompanying videos.

Check the TABs above which will take you to the Chord’s page or click below

Smooth chords download page

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  1. Loving these piano loops mate. How about putting together some beats / groves to go with these. Just to show how the chords work together.

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