Lalah Hathaway – Singing Chords

Did you know it was possible to sing a triad – three notes at the same time to make a chord. It sounds impossible doesn’t it? The we only have one vocal chord so how are we supposed to create three different sounds at the same time. Well somehow the Fabulous Singer Lalah Hathaway is able to do it. Check out this video below which shows her completely is task.

By the way the band is Snark Puppy who are a Brooklyn, New York based instrumental fusion band with around 40 members. They often perform with famous singers and do a lot of stuff in the Neo Soul Jazz area also.

Lalah is the daughter of late Singer Donny Hathaway. Check out around 6.13 on the below video, simply amazing.



2 thoughts on “Lalah Hathaway – Singing Chords”

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  2. Amazing, I never though this was physically possible. Not only can she sings multiple notes, they are all in tune like a real chord.

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