How to make money selling your music online

Due to the digital age, the process of making money from music has changed dramatically. In the past groups could sell their tape by mail or or independent record shops and enjoy the profits but nowadays a lot of bands are making the majority of their earnings from touring. However these days it has never been easier to share your music and get it known to the public even as an amateur.

How to sell your music online

The first stage will be to have your masterpiece in a digital format e.g. MP3 or FLAC. Next think about where people buy music. What is the first thing that pops up into your mind – iTunes of course. Everybody knows iTunes. There are others such as eMusic and Google Play which are also becoming very popular.

iTunes allows anybody to upload and sell their music, and not only do they help you sell, they act as a distributor too where other online stores can play your music, however the more stores that play your music, the more you have to pay and cut into your profit.

Alternative would be to use a service that offers flat fees to distribute to plenty of stores e.g. Ditto  for just £22 you can put up to 20 of your songs in over 200 stores including all the main players. Ditto will also add your songs to music streaming services such as Spotify and Rdio. Just sign up via Facebook and them upload your music and artwork. And pay. That’s it.

The  next harder part is actually trying to market your music. This can be done through social networks e.g. Facebook, Google+, Twitter however you should also consider Soundcloud which has a massive following.


If you are just looking to sell beats, then you may want to look at other platforms such as Soundclick or MyFlashStore.

4 thoughts on “How to make money selling your music online”

  1. I’ve tried many money on some of the beats sites. Its possible but there so much stuff there. You really need to be original and stand out to get major sales.

  2. It’s easy to get your music out there these days with so many digital platforms to promote on., however the hard part is to get your music to stand out from the crowd.
    Anybody can make music, even profession sounding music from the comfort of their own homes these days. And with audio effects software like AutoTune, you can make mediocre singers sound great. The problem is the competition if you are not original enough.
    Simple beats for the dance for is what sells at the moment with the sub bass line type kick drums. I can make a beat like that in 2 minutes but will it sell ????

  3. Well basically people need to stop trying to jump on the bandwagon once a certain successful track passes a certain age. That’s where the originality drops off. Do your own thing, use sounds that people haven’t heard before then maybe there’s a chance.

  4. Well explanation about getting the music up there and the potential to make money is correct. But people are correct in what they are saying, it does take originality in order to stand out and sell.

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