How to improve your timing on the piano

Even though you can play the keys it doesn’t always mean that your timing is on point. Bad timing can throw everything off. Here are some tips on improving your timing.

1. Use a metronome, most music sequencer software have built in metronomes which is a simple click.

2. Download a drum loop, and play over that. A drum pattern is different to jist a simple metronome because it puts you more into a bouncy rythmic mood.

3. Play over your favourite track, however not always good for beginners as you can become easily lost with all the instruments going on.

4. Get the rest of the body involved, dont be stiff, nod your head and tap your feet if you can. This gets you more into the swing of things.  Think of it like playing the drums. Just because you are playing the piano it doesn’t mean you have to sit there there like a statue.

5. Test yourself by  playing over a track then  muted the track while still playing. After around 30 seconds unmute the track to see where your timing has put you.



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