Easy circle of 5ths for the guitar

I believe I have covered this before however that was for the piano or keyboard. On the keyboard you can find the chords with a simple counting technique however if you play a guitar you will need more of a memorizing technique.

Also, just for people who are not aware, a circle of 5ths are a group of chords who distance apart are a perfect 5th.  Even though the keys constantly change they retain some harmonic relationship.



Lets  start off by looking at how many sharps are in each chord.

Key of G – 1 Sharp

Key of D – 2 Sharps

Key of A  – 3 Sharps

Key of E – 4 Sharps

Key of B – 5 Sharps

Key of F# – 6 Sharps

Key of C# – 7 Sharps

Now, a good way to remember is to use words for each Key letter and make it into a story. This is a completely made up story using the letters but you can make your own one up.

Goes Down And Ends Battle, Father Charles

Just in case you have difficult in following, F# is the only sharp in the key of G.
F#, C# are the only two sharps in the key of D.
F#, C#, G# are the only sharps in the key of A.
And so on.

The same thing goes for the flat notes too.

Key of F = 1 Flat
Key of B = 2 Flats
Key of E = 3 Flats
Key of A = 4 Flats
Key of D = 5 Flats
Key of G = 6 Flats
Key of C = 7 Flats

Key order:

Father’s Battle Ends And Down Goes Charles

Order of Flats:

Battle Ends And Down Goes Charles’ Father.

Follow the same pattern with  the sharps, Bb is the only flat in the key of F and so on.

Try this but make up your own story to try and remember the chords.

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