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If you are into music production and don’t have a massive budget to spend, I always recommend that people purchase a MIDI controller keyboard. The reasons are because with DAW software and the amount of sounded available, you don’t even need a keyboard with on-board sounds most of the time. A cheap MIDI controller has no sounds but it controls the sound on your computer via your Audio Interface.

I have some beautiful Piano and Rhodes sounds on the MIDI controller keyboard and many of  them were free. Another good thing about a controller keyboard is that it is light and portable. You can even take it on stage, with your laptop and Audio Interface but the total weight would still be much less than a typical stage piano which could weigh up to 40kg.

MIDI controller keyboards are the way to go for many producers these days. 49 keys is enough to play most pieces with both hands, especially from the production side of things.

Check out the keyboard below, it’s an Alexis Q49 ¬†– 49 Key USB MIDI controller.

  • 49 velocity-sensitive keys ensure a dynamic performance
  • Pitch and Modulation wheels add musical expression; perfect for emulating the nuances of specialized musicians via DAW software
  • Octave Up and Down buttons extend the note range without taking up critical desktop space
  • Sustain pedal input and MIDI output for pro-level functionality and versatility
  • Single USB cable simplicity delivers both data and power
  • Ableton Live Lite Alesis Edition software is included to get you creating right out of the box

A very good keyboard for all your production needs.

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    1. You don’t put sounds into MIDI controllers. The sounds are installed on your machine and the MIDI controller keyboard simply triggers them.

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