Heavy Bass and kick drum together

Have you ever found it difficult it get a decent kick drum bass sounding at the same time?

One of two things normally happen.

1. You over peak and clip, however simply turning the channels down never sounds right

2. Either the bass drum or the bass line can’t be heard, they kind of blend into one another.

What you want is to be able to hear both the drum and the bass thumping together without any clipping or peaking. The best way to achieve this is by something called side chain compression.



Just to re-iterate what a compressor does, it regulated the Audio level by automatically turning down or adjusting the volume whenever a track has a signal close to peaking or 0db. The can be used to programming heavy kick drums and bass. what we do is simply use the out put from a kick drum as a trigger. This trigger turns on the compressor for a fraction of a second which in turn makes the bass line seem to duck away for a split second. With this method you should clearly be able to hear both the bass and the kick at the same time.

Also check the video below.


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