Japanese Neo Soul – Nao Yoshioka

I only recently found out about this singer while look through Neosoulcafe.com. A Japanese Neo Soul singer with an awesome voice.

Being in Japane it’s very difficult to imagine Japanese with really soulful voices, although there are a few around, but they tend to be more underground. The technique of singing for Japanese traditional music such as Enka is very different to western soul music and many young Japanese do struggle to get the correct soul property in their voice. However, I guess it depends on you upbringing, our surroundings and your musical exposure.

Check out her site here – http://naoyoshioka.com/ and a video.


4 thoughts on “Japanese Neo Soul – Nao Yoshioka”

  1. Nice voice, she must have grew up with this kind of music and be heavily influenced.
    What I like about her is that she looks kinda like the regular Japanese officer worker. No trying to be the typical wanna be black style.

  2. Well it’s nice to hear this kind of soul coming from the Japanese. There is actually quite a lot around, but they are just under the radar.

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