Robert Glasper – Black Radio 1 or 2

Which Robert Glasper album do you prefer? Black Radio 1 or 2?

Personally I prefer the first album as to me it sounds jazzier and live. The first album seems to have more improvisation part with more of a performance feeling. I feel the 2nd album is little more digital sounding with loops rather than real time recording. However according to Robert Glasper that is not the case.

Anyway that’s just my opinion. I am a big fan of Robert Glasper and I have seen him perform twice in Tokyo

6 thoughts on “Robert Glasper – Black Radio 1 or 2”

  1. I disagree, I think the 2nd album is much more uplifting and live sound than the 1st. The 1st was a a lot slower and took longer to get inyo in my opinion.

  2. I like both albums just as much. They are both slightly different in a unique way which is cool. Some times I am in the mood to listen to the first one, but other days the 2nd one.
    Looking forward to the 3rd.

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