The best music making App

Making music on your smartphone or tablet has never been easier. Most smartphones both iOS and Android systems have the hardware to run popular music software that you can find on the PC and MAC.

One of the main ones that stands out is FL Studio (formerly named Fruity Loops). FL Studio is an excellent piece of music software both for beginners and professionals and is available on the Android and iOS. It will allow you create multi-track projects, and then load them into a desktop version.

Never lose that idea while you are on the go, use the beat step sequencer or piano roll functions to capture your ideas anytime anywhere you go.

Some of the features.

  • Mini Synth
  • Modulation via accelerometer
  • HD graphics
  • Import audio tracks
  • Wav editor
  • 130 High quality sounding instruments
  • 99 Track sequencer
  • Input gain slider
  • Multi tracking recording
  • Audiobus compatible
  • Drum pads

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