Best Free Music Software of the month

Not so new but I must say Audacity due to it professional looking interface an it ease to use. Audacity is a Free Music software that is available on multi platforms.

This is free but not only cutting and pasting like many other free music software, but it can EQ, pitch adjust, normalize, compress and other functions that a producer needs. Also it’s not only a stereo editor, you can handling multitraks of recordings and export as Wav or mp3 or Ogg.

The only downfall is that Audacity doesn’t host pluggins or and has no mixer panel.


5 thoughts on “Best Free Music Software of the month”

  1. Some of this software is okay however if you need to do something proffessional it is better to splash out a little and get some decent software.

  2. Audacity is good considering it’s free, however it may be worthwhile purchasing some high end software you are serious about making music.

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