Musiq Soulchild’s alter ego – Husel

Without looking into in depth, one may thing that Musiq Soulchild has changed into a rapper called “Husel”. People think that he has left the old Neo Soul Musiq behind and turned into this new rapper. Although his fans don’t like it, he is clearly defending himself by saying that the “Husel” is NOT Musiq Soulchild, it is indeed a new persoona, a new and completely different artist in a different genre. His fans are not buying though and are saying all sorts like “He is selling out” or “He’s doing it just for the money”. One of Husel’s main arguments is, if you listen to the playlist of somebody who listen to R&B, you’re bound to find many different genres of music on their, not just one one. Therefore why can’t an artist do the same.

The other complaint was the use of Autotune, where people are saying that it’s for people who can’t sing. Husel’s defense is Autotune is not just for people who can’t sing, it’s a software tool for people to use to make effect in their tracks.

Husel said he is actually working on the next Musiq Soulchild album, so Musiq fans can breathe again.

What do you feel about about this?

8 thoughts on “Musiq Soulchild’s alter ego – Husel”

  1. Sorry but as a lover of Musiq Soulchild’s songs, I am not feeling this new altreo ego thing at all. It sounds like he has had a few issues in life and this is the way he is dealing with it. I hope it’s just a short phase and he’ll get through it.

  2. Jekker the Decker

    I do like like Musiq however I do very much understand what he is trying to say. He “As Musiq” is not selling out. He has created a completely new persona and trying out something he has liked for a while. Musiq Soulchild is still there.

  3. This is exactly what we don’t need in the Neo soul world. People leaving us like this. We at least Musiq Soulchild is still there and I look forward to his next album.

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