Kanye West not using Auto-Tune correctly

According to T-Pain, the pioneer of Auto-Tune Kanye West uses the software incorrectly. There are many ways to use Auto-Tune. One is non-obvious slight vocal correction and the second is the very obvious robotic like vocals as we are used to from T-Pain. However is it not as straightforward as many think, there are a lot of settings to pay attention to and some tweaking.

According to T-Pain the only other artists that have got it sounding just right are Chris Brown and Jamie Foxx.

T-Pain also mentions that in the album 808s & heartbreaks he got it right because he had proper help.

3 thoughts on “Kanye West not using Auto-Tune correctly”

  1. Autotune is not that easy to use. It’s not just a matter of start up and sing. The right tweaking needs to be done in the right key, otherwise it just sounds terrible.

    1. Well there are two different modes to use. The famous Autotune method and then the manuall correction way which is supposed to sound as natural as possible by fixing slight errors here and there.

  2. I think most artists these days even the good singers are using some form of Autotune or editing software. Not for the whole vocals of course but certain areas that may be out of key but recording time is limited.

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