Jodeci scheduled to release their first album in 18 years

Growing up in the 80′ s most R&B fans should definitely know who Jodeci are. With hits like “Forever my lady” and “Cry for you” who couldn’t forget them with their combination of New Jack Swing, R&B and Hip hop. The group shortly after split up with just K-Ci & Jo Jo teaming up and making more successful hits for a while more on the R&B side. However since then we have not heard anything from any of the members until now. It has been announced that they are coming out all together as Jodeci with their first album in 18 years. The album will be entitled “Nobody wins” featuring rapper B.O.B.

Apparently in the studio, the group had been trying to put things together for years how they felt that the timing has just never been right until now. Timbaland is also behind the production on this one, so much to look forward to.




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