The Best Music Production Software for Beginners

There is a lot of Music Production Software out there, but they are not all suited for beginners. Some are industry standard and aimed at professionals however you can still get professional sounding music from DAW’s that are more suited for beginners.

Some of the best Music Production Software packages or DAWs that come to mind are Propellorheads Reason, FL Studio, also know as Fruity Loops and Garage Band.

Why I choose these is because not only are they easy to use for amateurs, you can also make professionally sounding tracks too.

1. Propellorheads Reason

Reason 8 Full Version at Amazon store – $399

What I love about reason is that the devices are physically laid out as if they would be in a real studio. A bit like building blocks connected with wires. The interface shows the hardware devices on your screen but on pressing the TAB key, it flips them round so you can physically see how they are connected. They are connected by default however you are free to change the connection.

Front Rack View
Reverse Rack View

This is good for learning too as it helps you to visualize the signaling paths between the device, e.g. a Synth wired into a EQ Device and then routed back out to the Amp. Or you take the left and right cables and separately wired them into other effects generators and then run them both back into the same Amp. However a beginner wouldn’t need to even get into all of that to make decent tracks.

This music production software has a very efficient and simply to use drum programmer where drums beats can be laid down in seconds by simply turning switches on and off. The pre-installed modules include Sythns, Pianos, drums and other natural sounding instruments. Also the instruments are not just stretched samples. They are  mainly sample taken at each octave and processed in a way so they sound natural played in any key.

Reason doesn’t read VST files however it has it’s own quality format called Re-Fills. Some are free and some you need to pay for however if you dig around you will be able to find some very professional sounding Re-fills are free.

Check out the video below to see why this is one of the best music production software packages for beginners.

2. FL Studio

FL Studio Producer Edition 11 on Amazon $190

This is just excellent for putting out beats fast. Unlike Reason, you can’t view any connection however the FX’s can easily be put in by simply selecting and FX channel and then choosing an FX for each chosen channel. FL Studio has a very attractive interface and it is pretty easy for beginners to lay down track which out even learning the ropes are even reading the manual.

There are many built in sounds and effects however FL Studio fully support VST’s so you can expand your selection. There are also many free VST’s available.

FL Studio comes with a lot of packs such as the Hip Hop Drums, Bass and Synth. More than enough to get you started. The Piano patch doesn’t sound as good as the one that comes with Reason however there are many decent Piano VST’s that do the job.

fl-studio-10 (1)

 3. GarageBand

Many of us know about GarageBand, especially users of Mac. It comes free with some Macs but not with others. In any case it can be purchased for around $15 online.

The low price and ease of use is what makes GarageBand one of the best Music Production Sequencers for beginners. Garage Band is something you can play around with and get results without even having to read through any manuals or instructions. Some of the other DAW’s  need some back ground reading first before you get really into depth.

Some of the feature of Garage Band.

  • Built in Piano and Guitar lessons
  • Realistic Amps and effects for Guitars
  • Your own session drummer for your tracks
  • Record, Mix and Master your own track with EQ and Compression functions
  • Vast array of synths and instrument to choose from

Garageband has developed over the years into a fully fledged, professional sounding DAW.


 4. Reaper

Reaper is not as pretty visually as the above DAWs however that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most popular music production software. You can record and processes both MIDI and Audio in any possible way. Also what is good about Reaper is the fact that it is so light on your computer. It works with almost any hardware  and you don’t even need to spend hundreds of dollars on a high end Audio interface. You can simply use the audio which is built into most PC motherboards these days.

The best thing about reaper is that it is so easy to use. You can literally make beats in minutes.


5. Audicity

Also don’t forget about Audacity which is a Free Digital Audio Workstation for all your needs. Audacity is a free open source software which runs on all the major platforms.

This Digital Audio Workstation or DAW is loaded with effects and can actually record live or streaming Audio.

Although Audacity is not a beat maker, it is a fully fledged Audio editting suite. The perfect companion for the music production software collection.

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  1. Harrison Paglialunga

    Wonderful beat ! I would like to apprentice while you amend your website, how could i subscribe for a blog web site? The account aided me a acceptable deal. I had been tiny bit acquainted of this your broadcast provided bright clear concept

  2. I believe that a beginner can start on any DAW really. All DAW must be advance enough to cover all function. Some DAWs may have a very easy to navigate interface but may be difficult to implement advanced stuff e.g. side-chain compression. Some DAWs have a more complex interface but advanced editing maybe easier. Even if you are a beginner you will need to use advanced functions at some point therefore, just best to choose a DAW you are comfortable with and stick to it.

  3. Started on Fl but I started playing with Maschine, Logic, and Protools because there is a Fl for Mac. FL studio is the way to go! It feels like a game! Easy to use. Easy to look at. Cant beat the sequencer and drag and drop sounds. Tons of tutorials on the internet. Slicer is probably the best plug in for sampling, it beats maschine. The only draw back is the sounds. Get some GOOD drums and VSTS, learn some engineering, find a good mastering engineer and never look back.

    1. I started off using FL Studio however people kept on telling me that it is not a “Real” DAW (back in the day). So I switched to Ableton Live and love that. However I still have FL Studio and it has come a long way since the days of “Fruity Loops”. I know a lot of pros use it now.

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