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Did you know that there are some browser type Digital Audio Workstations meaning you can really make music online. Digital Audio Workstation software such as Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Reason etc.. are all good however for portability online music makers are really useful. Most of them, come with effects, pluggins and a variety of sounds for all your production needs, and many are free.

See the list below for some Free Online Music Makers.


This is a very fun and easy to use online digital audio workstation and the majority of it seems free. It has over 700 loops and sounds and is as simple as putting building blocks together. I tried it out for around 5-7 mins and managed to get a decent sounding dance track. It comes with effects, virtual instruments and automation, just like any other DAW.

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The is a Free online muse maker with a difference. Instead of just dragging blocks of sounds onto a linear grid, this shows the physical devices that make up a music studio with all the connection too, similar to Propellorheads Reason but this time with an overhead view instead. The beats you make are stored on Audiotools servers and can be accessed on any browser whenever you log in.


Audiotool has an array of keyboards, mixers, effects processors and many more of course the traditional sequencing grid or window.

Give it a go and see what you think.

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This is a very basic but useful online music maker. You basically have two types of synthesizer, Analogue and FM and an Advanced sampler. Not as many modules as some of the other music making software but it’s free and the synthesizers can be tweaked to perfection just like the real hardware devices.

You can easily Record, Write and Edit your own songs with the easy to use arranger and pattern sequencer.


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