Piano R&B Tutorial in the key of F

Do you want to learn how to play R&B chords? ¬†well the key of F is an very common key for R&B and Neo Soul and it is a good key to learn for beginners too, since it’s mainly the white keys except the B which shifts to a Bb.

As I mentioned in previous tutorials, move from the Minor chords which is Gmin7th in the case, to the Dominant chords (C7) simply by moving the 5th and 7th down a step to get the inverted C7. Then move the physical 1st and 3rd of this chord down again to get back to the root chord which is an Fmaj.

You will notice another chord I threw in also. This is a Db dim 7th, a chord I found by trial and error. It was discovered by playing the first minor chords Gmin7th and then moving the 5th down 1/2 a step instead of a full step. You can get you interesting sounding chords depending on how you play inversions.

Check out the Video below


3 thoughts on “Piano R&B Tutorial in the key of F”

  1. Very nice sounding and thanks you for sharing.
    How is the Diminished chord used and why is it in this key. I though this was for the key of F?

    1. The diminished chord was not actually part of the key. That’s why I mentioned it had a twist. The Db dim chord was not originally intended. It comes from trial and error really. I actually mistook the note on the inversion one time but then realized that you can get some nice chord textures if you are half a step away from the correct inversion.
      Therefore I have been doing that ever since. It’s a neat little trick that uses very little hand movement.

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