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As well as making music, many people are also interested in making Videos too. Music videos range from simple walking in the street shots to CG films with special effects. If your song is popular enough then just a simple video may be enough for you.

Most Movie Maker software is either complex or expensive however there are quite a few online mover maker sites which  could really help you out.


This online movie maker is very simple to use and you can make amazing videos in seconds. You make can free unlimited videos for up 20 minutes. There are 16 different themes to choose from. some of the feature range from, adding text / video / images, and you can even sync to music. Great for making music videos. It also handles scene-to-scene customs transition.

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This is another good Online Movie Maker and is available as an app for both Android and iOS. This Movie Maker is like a story board editor where you simply piece together scenes to make up your own movie. This is so easy and fun to use, it is even being used at many schools with kids. Loads and exciting themes and templates makes this a very popular Movie Maker.

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