D’Angelo finally announces new album of 2015


It’s been almost 15 years since the release of D’Angelo’s last album “Voodoo” so many are pretty excited to hear what D’Angelo has got for us since his long absence from the music scene.

The title of the album is to be “Black Messiah” and we should be able to hear snippets very shortly.

Definitely stay tuned for more updates on the release date.

Check out the preview video below.





7 thoughts on “D’Angelo finally announces new album of 2015”

    1. I was looking around and I couldn’t really find any tracks to preview however there should be some floating around very shortly. or just go out and buy the album!!

    1. Me too, I’m so glad his style hasn’t changed to much. Just like it was 15 years ago, but with a little more guitar this time.

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