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When making Hip Hop or any other track, the drums needs to stand out and be unique. Use the free hip hop drum samples that come with a DAW e.g. FL Studio may not be as original enough. You can try various things such as EQ and other effects however basically they are the same set of drums. What you need for Hip Hop and R&B, and even Neo soul is a set of unique drum samples. The more samples you have, the more unique your track will sound copared to other DAW users.

Check out the list below of some free hip hop drum samples I have discovered around the net. Mostof them are sampled from vintage drum machines.

Akai XR-10, Line Drum and  MPC -60

For Hip Hop sampling and production, Akai have been the leaders for some time. From then on, MPC became one of the most precious tools for Hip Hop production, throughout the 90’s.

Click here for free samples


Alesis Drum Machine

Check out the vintage synth samples from the Alesis drum machine. This is one of the first drum machines from this make and contains many electronic sounding samples which is perfect for current newer school Hip Hop and R&B.

Click here for free samples


Boss DR Series

The DR Series may also be considered as rather drum machine and was also considered as a budget drum machine for armature producers, back in the 80’s and 90’s. However it does have a pretty good set of sound which do sound solid.

Click here for fee samples


Casio RZ-1, SK-1, Vl-1

Some more rather vintage synths coming for Casio here. Rather basic in terms of sounds bu was very popular among musicians.

casio rz1

Click here for free samples

Doepfer MS-404

This vintage synth is basically is TB-303 emulator with a few additions being the extra sound modulator.


Free samples here

EMU Series – Drumulator, Modular and SP12

These classic vintage synths certainly did pave the way for the later and bigger boys such as the Akai MPC


Click here for the samples

KORG Vintage Series

Here we have some of the higher end vintage series Korg synthesizers. We have free samples from the DDM110, KPR-77, KR-55, KRZ, M1, Minipops, Poly 800 and the T3.


Click here for free samples

The Linn Series

These were truly amazing machines for the time in the mid 80’s. What made them stand out, especially the Linn 9000 was the fact that they had real percussion samples inside with a very good sampling rate. It made a difference the artificially sounding bleeps and white noise from some of the earlier models. The Linn 9000 was known as the original MPC. There is also the Linn Linndrum which has an older looking design but very good high quality samples used by many famous musicians e.g. Stock Aitken Waterman


Click here to download free samples

MFB 512

This was a very vintage synth made by German Engineer Manfred Fricke. Most of the documentation seems to be in German only, however check out the samples for yourself.


Click here for samples

Moog Concertmate MG-1

This was originally produced by Moog Music in the early 80’s however sold by Radio Shack at a later date. It is an analogue vintage synthesizer. However, what made this stand out from the rest is the fact that it had polyphonic sound, which was rather rare in those days of the early synthesizers.


Click here to down load samples

Click here for the VST

Oberheim DMX

This is a an old, vintage classic drum machine. Rather than artificial synth sounds. The sounds are recordings of real live instruments. It has rolls, flams and swing to give it that human feel. This was actually the original drum machine for Rap and Hip Hop back in the day. Artists such Run DMC even used it.


Click here to download samples

Rhodes Polaris

This was the second synthesizer made by Fender / Rhodes. Looks complex but rather basic and synth sounding in the drum department.


Click for samples

The Roland Series

Now we get onto the big boys, from the Roland CompuRhythm to the TR 909 which is more or less standard for electronic music all around the world. There are 100’s and 100’s of samples to download below.


Click here to download the samples

Sequential Circuits

These were very popular drum machines in the 80’s and early 90’s. Not as popular as the 808’s or 909’s were however the sound are fully programmable which gave it the advantage in terms of tweaking. The two versions as samples we have here are the Drumtraks and TOM.


Click here to download samples

Simmons SDS

These were actually one of the first electronic drum kit synthesizers, good to get over the audio spill mic problems of acoustic drums and also good for playing at home without without disturbing neighbors or even family members.


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  1. I love some of these old vintage synths with the warm sounds. I still have many of these at home and some of them still get use, Even the Casio’s with their cheap sounding sound set. If you hook then up as Audio inputs for you DAW and then process them again on the computer, you can get some awesome sounds.
    Much much better than the stock drums you often get with DAWs.

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