Tips for beginner Piano learners

Starting to play piano sets you on the road to join other great piano players and be able to play their compositions as well.

Below are tips to help you as you start learning to play the piano.


Learn the music scales

As you start learning to play the piano, it is wise to know the music scale from A to G. It is important to begin memorizing the note names so that they can guide you in playing better. If you are having trouble memorizing, you can utilize the skip technique.


Eliminate all distractions

It is important to set your piano in an area that is free from distractions. Whether it is the TV, Smartphones, tablets or video games, it is best to avoid them. This will help you to concentrate as you begin the journey of becoming a better piano player.


Choose a qualified teacher

In order to become a great piano player, you need to have a great mentor. Choose a qualified teacher who is well versed with different playing techniques and even compositions.


Be disciplined

Self discipline is one way of making you to concentrate in your playing. Do not get distracted because something exciting is happening nearby. It is wise to restrict yourself and concentrate on your playing.


Practice and practice more

Practice makes perfect and it’s the only way you will get to learn and be a better piano player. Learning to play the piano requires constant practice by playing different compositions and utilizing different techniques. Do not be afraid when others tell you that a particular composition is hard. Believe in yourself that you can conquer it.

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