Using Ableton Live 9


I recently downloaded the trial version of  Ableton live 9 and I find the DAW amazing. The interface looked rather complex at first however after going through a few tutorial videos, I learned quite a lot. Many people are using it for electronic music however I can use it to make R&B or Neo Soul beats just as well.

It is packed with professional quality sounds from the start and the quality sounds amazing. I like the very unique sketch pad type view which lets you put ideas together before moving them into the main sequencer.

As I am a keyboard player I was most impressed by the number and quality of electric pianos they had which can all be tweaked to your satisfaction.

I am definitely going to start using this to make tracks from now on. Oh and the piano sounds are perfect but make sure you have a decent hardware and a good audio interface so that the sounds can be buffered efficiently.

Another good feature is that is cross compatible with the Window and Mac versions, meaning that tracks made in one format can be read and played on the other format. Even if the other machine doesn’t have all the sounds that you use for the track, they have be neatly packed up and transported along with the track file.



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    1. That would be the Ableton Push device. I don’t have that device but I have heard good things about it. I am just using my MIDI controller keyboard for playing keys and the drums.

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