How to make an R&B Neo Soul beat in Ableton Live 9

As per my previous post I mentioned that I had just started using Ableton Live so I know very very functions however managed to put together a very quick beat of 32 bars.

I simply used the stock drums for the beat, then played my own rhodes, piano and synth bass.

Check it out.

Once I learn more and more functions I hope to be able to create full tracks.

14 thoughts on “How to make an R&B Neo Soul beat in Ableton Live 9”

  1. Nice beat there, are they the stock drum looks are did you just using the individual stock drums to make your own pattern?

    1. The chords are Gmin9th, Gdim7th, Gbmaj9th, Fmin7th, Gmin9th, Gdim7th, Gbmaj9th, Fmaj7th.
      I literally just made them up, but I though it sounded good so I recorded it.

    1. Thanks man, I didn’t actually use any VSTs. I just used the sounds from the Ableton free packages, which is why I rate the program so much. Such a solid sounding piano patch, and percussion is nice and gritty.

    1. For the Neo Soul genre which I am doing, just make sure you are not quantizing everything. This will make make your track stiff sounding and unnatural.

    1. Thanks, the only samples Inreally used was the drums. They are not too squeaky clean like some DAW presets so I dont mind utilizing them.

  2. I really enjoy your tutorials, it would also be nice if you could break down this track a little more worth a video.

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