Learning Blues Scales for Neo Soul

Neo Soul can be said to be rather a hybrid of a genre so it is very important to learn to play other similar style from which it stems from e.g. Blue, Jazz and Gospel.

The example below is using the the Jazz Blue Scale Bb. The reason it is called Jazz/Blue is because it contains elements from both Jazz and Blues. A type scale is the B flat which is represented as below.

Bb, Db, Eb, E, F and Ab. Just simply play those keys and listen to how jazzy and bluesy it sounds already. Incidentally, the chords to play along are as follows for the 12 bar blues.

Bb7 – 1 bar

Eb7 – 1bar

Bb7 – 2 bars

Eb7 – 2 bars

Bb7 – 1 bar

G7 – 1 bar

Cmin7th – 1 bar

F7 – 1 bar

Bb7 – 1/2 bar

G7 – 1/2 bar

Cmin7th – 1/2 bar

F7 – 1/2 bar

And repeat

See my video below.

I should really introduce the C Blues scale, however the Bb sounds a lot more jazzier and no more difficult in terms of fingering for the piano.




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