How to use Auto-Tune for music ideas

A very good use for Auto-tune is to accurate record your own vocals for melody purposes for not for actual singing on the track. Many people like to hum a melody and then lay down a track later, starting with their favorite instrument. however if you are rather tone deaf, playing back your humming won’t help you at all. A good thing to do is either hum through Auto-Tune real time, or add an Auto-Tune effect to you humming afterwards. Either way to will get an accurate note snapped melody with with you can use for your productions.

I suggest you use to Auto-Tuned melody as a back bone of your track and lay other instruments over it. Once done then simple remove the humming.

Also remember that with Auto-Tune you can chose the scale and omit certain notes if needed. This function helps greatly if you are sticking to the one scale.

Auto-Tune isn’t just for fixing peoples off pitches, it can be a very useful tool if used correctly. ┬áJust make sure that you don’t rely on it for polished vocals.

3 thoughts on “How to use Auto-Tune for music ideas”

  1. I have always tried to avoid Auto-Tune as it seems like cheating. However using it for melody creation seems like a good idea.

  2. Many people say that Autotune is cheating. I think that it is a very good tools if using it as an effect. Even Mariah Carey has Autotune effect on at least one of her tracks. Also, after a long day in the studio there may be slight pitch errors here and there. Why not use Autotune to fix those patches instead of re-recording with tired vocals.

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