Japanese throw away old iPhone 5’s


A little off topic however if you were not aware. Here in Japan, people love to upgrade electronic and throw old ones away. Even if they are in perfect condition.

Since the iPhone 6 came out, 1000’s of Japanese iPhone 5’s have been abandoned, lost, thrown away or given away. What does that mean for foreigners? Free iPhone 5’s from Japan. That’s right Japanese throw them out, not caring about the value. I found an iPhone 5s in the trash just last week, got it unlocked and sold it overseas. Nice pocket money.

So if you are looking for free iPhone’s, Japanese is the place. All you need to do is get in unlocked from the Japanese carriers e.g. Softbank, AU or Docomo and the iPhone is your for free.

Apple iPhone 5 16GB (White) – Unlocked

4 thoughts on “Japanese throw away old iPhone 5’s”

  1. For real? Why would they throw them away?
    Are there not shops in Japan that buy them back of you for even a fraction of the price? What a waste, where could I get my hands on them, I’m sure they can be unlocked and used with local carriers.

    1. It is better to be in Japan to obtain them. The easiest way for me is through family and close friends. There are shops that buy them from you but they pay you peanuts and then sell them back at close to retail prices.
      People would rather save the insult and give the phone away for free once the contract runs out.

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