Playing Phat Neo Soul Hip Hop Jazzy Chords

The below video is not me playing, it is Jamal from Gospel Musicians. I would love to be able to play like this but many will be put off trying to follow. I suggest you take it chord by chord and simply practice improvising over 3-4 chords.

Try the initial chords.

Eb Maj 9th

Bb Maj 9th

C Maj 7th or 7th

You will be able to hear the initial groove already, simply use the right hand for voicing like Jamal does.

Once you get familiar with those, then move onto the next group of chords so you can get a feel of Neo Soul. Don’t try looking for scale and theory because that it not what it is about. Once you get that groove and nail it, it is up to the other musicians to work out the melodies they need to play.

5 thoughts on “Playing Phat Neo Soul Hip Hop Jazzy Chords”

  1. Thanks for breaking it down, even though it’s only a couple of chords it helps me to a start. Some complex stuff, neo soul chords.

    1. Your welcome, I’ll try and break down some of the other chords too. Rather than just knowing the notes and key presses, it is work taking note of the actual chord names.

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