Classical Piano or Jazz

Which is better for you?

People who play classical piano may sometime envy jazz players who are able to improvise off the top of their heads and not have to refer to a written piece.

On the other hand, jazz player might envy players who can read score and play along to that. Of course it would ideally be the best if you are able to do both, however that is difficult for many to achieve.


I like to be able to express myself in music therefore I feel that jazz and improvising is the only way to truly do that, however composition players can argue that expression can also be shown in written pieces. Since I also like to compose and play in a band, I always which I had learned to read music. At the moment I get away with just knowing the chords names and memorizing melodies in my head. Since I am kind of improvising, the melodies tend to change a l lot. If it could write down the melodies in notation form, I wouldn’t need to keep learning again once I stop playing that piece for around month or so.


It is about personality too. Many like a fixed structure to work with, therefore written pieces may be best. Others want a bit more freedom and room for expression with their music therefore Jazz maybe better for them.


Which is more difficult Jazz or Classic Piano?


This is a difficult question to answer since they both have their difficulties. Jazz in terms of complex chords structures and the need to improvise with speed. Classic music has the need for extreme accuracy for compositions written from the greats in the past.


It is probably best to actually start with simple compositions as a beginner pianist so you get the foundations and back bone of piano playing. You also need a good fingering technique which is essential for Jazz. As a beginner, diving straight into Jazz may put many people off.

3 thoughts on “Classical Piano or Jazz”

  1. I play classical piano, I envy people who can improvise and play jazz and blues. Thats just something I can’t seem to do unless it’s either written or I memorize a piece.

  2. Learning to play both classical and jazz is like having the best of both worlds. I suggest learn the classical side to learn to read music and then learn jazz for more theory and improvisation skills.

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