Play the piano using three major chords only – Beginners

When you first learn a new instrument, the first few months are often the most challenging – and can be very boring. The reason why is rather than focusing ¬†songs, you’re instead practicing chord progressions, major and minor scales, and finger techniques.

However, once you have had some practice under your belt you should be ready to compose your first song, believe it or not. Check out this piano tutorial to learn how to play a song using three major chords.

4 thoughts on “Play the piano using three major chords only – Beginners”

  1. Good for beginners, you may be able to get away with just three chords with some songs. But you will need to learn them all eventually.

  2. I am learning all 12 chords before I start making real songs. I do understand that you can make songs with limited chords though.

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