Using beat sample and loops packs

As a beginner producer with a decent budget it is always tempting to purchase sample loop packs.

Most of the ones I listen to are very clean, solid and modern sounding, perfect for what many producers want to her. They sound good because it’s similar to what you hear in the charts, so people think that by having the same sounds you will have the same success.

Well it’s not that simple. While your beats may sound fresh and modern, your originality is not. You may be able to impress your friends and family with your chart topping sounding beats but you may not stand out from the general public. I do recommend making tracks with beats from beat packs however use them as a learning tool rather than implementing them in your own tracks. Certain producer techniques often get saturated with people simply copying or selling as sample packs.

Some packs are sold separately and other maybe pre-installed with DAWs such as FL Studio etc.

For example, you could use a similar sub-bass kick drum, but why not change the timing or the pattern. You could even layer other drums over it to disguise that same sound that 1000’s of other have played out.

Instead of the sample pack bass groove, why not create your own similar but original melody, also try different synth settings.

Some things may sound a little odd or off at first, but to really appreciate it you will need to take a break and come back maybe an hour later an listen again. This way your ears will be fresh to make new adjustments.

 Also, try learning basic keyboard skills so you at least know some scales and chords to work with. Once you know a scale, you will be able to tap out melodies a lot easier.

 Compile your own drum kits using samples from various sources. I have Jay Dilla sample kits which are simply drums I have sampled from Jay Dilla tracks and they sound really clean and loud, especially the snares and soul claps.

3 thoughts on “Using beat sample and loops packs”

  1. Well said, I try to stay away from pre installed beats and sample packs. I’d rather be original and create my own.

  2. Good for making quick beats though and learning, but I find that these pre-installed beats. Sound very robotic and quantized. Need something a bit more loose in order to stand out.

  3. Great Article. Thanks for the info. Does anyone know where I can find a blank “Purchase Sample Form” to fill out?

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