Selling your beats for money


With the digital music age, there are more and more people putting out music independently i.e. without recorder labels. A music distributer is not even required to get music out there these days if it’s digital. Anybody can upload there music to iTunes these days.

The same goes for beats too, there are numerous sites such Soundclick, where you can easily upload your music to sell.

But how easy is it to actually make money from your beats? You could search around for answers on the net for days but you wouldn’t really know the answer to that unless you try it yourself. I can tell you it is not easy.

You will need to firstly promote your beats so people actually know it is out there. You will not get random sales by simply uploading your beats and letting them sit there.

To make money from your beats I suggest the below.

  • Social media – Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Reddit -. These sites already have millions of visitors and it only takes a small number of people to share your track / beat / site for it so explode if it’s good.
  • Make your own website – Very important and adds to professionalism. Let people know who you are, show them pictures of your work and refer them to other tracks too. I suggest paying around $30-$50 for a professional attractive looking site.
  • Promote on YouTube – Even if you don’t have a proper music video. Get a friend to film you while you put your music together and patching it all together using movie software. The background track will be your beat.
  • Actively participate in forums so people get to know who you are. Don’t spam links to your site or music, as this can end of counter productive.

How much money can you make from selling beats?

This depends on what you have to offer and the size of your audience. You may have the hottest beats but they are not promoted well, you won’t make much money.
People with amateurish beats but a larger fan base are going to make a lot more money with their beats. I have heard of people making up $1,000’s a month with their beats on the side from their full time job. $1,000 a month may not be enough for a family to live on but it is very nice to have as supplementary income doing something that you love.

6 thoughts on “Selling your beats for money”

  1. It is very hard to make money from beats unless you have your own site with many visitors. It makes such a difference.
    I tried with sites like Soundclick etc. and never made a cent. As soon as I put up my own site using traffic from YouTube I had made $100’s within the first couple months and growing.

    1. Definitely having your own site to make money from music is the way to go. Since visitor can also see your other projects too.

  2. It’s a hard game unless you have something original that stands out. Everybody is putting out stuff as an indie artist these days and 80% of it is lame. Sometimes it’s also luck and the connections you have.

  3. It’s a hard game these days, selling beats for money etc. Everyone is trying to do it. Anybody can publish to ITunes and it is hard to get noticed unless you have good materials which really stands out.

    1. Some people do earn by posting their music in various digital stores. Also by participating regularly in discuss forums etc.

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