Lounge Lizard Neo Soul Neo Soul EP

I recently purchased the EP-4 Electric Pianos VST from Applied Acoustics. I have been using the older version however was blown away by the sounds of this newer version.

I played the very first patch and was just amazed by the warm, realistic sound it produced. It had me playing for around 1.5 hrs and still only covered around 30% of the patches. For my uploaded loops from now on I am definitely going to be using these smooth soulful patches.

I was also looking at Neo Soul Keys VST as presented by Gospel Musicians however this is an excellent alternative for a very similar price.

 This is a must for all Neo Soul / R&B producers out there. The Rhodes that come pre-installed with most DAWs are alright, but nowhere near as dirty / smooth / gritty as these EP VSTs. The presets I messed around with on EP-4 were amazing however they can also of course be tweaked to perfection. Of course there are Wurlitzer EPs too but I still need to play around with those, and also a lof of synth but EP sounding keys and effects.

I am actually using the VST plugin through Ableton Live 9 which is another DAW I am still getting used to. Check out the Video below of a real time clip. I used a preset loop from Ableton live.

Also check out my chords tutorial here

I was thinking of purchasing a stage piano / keyboard, however it may be more convenient to simply use a light MIDI controller, and they carry a laptop and audio interface separately in a bag.

 A friend of mine has a Korg SV-1, an excellent machine with a beautiful sound however extremely heavy and not exactly portable for stage use. I have always been looking for a nice EP VST with a similar sound and warmth, but now I have found it.

However playing on a real weighted keyboard like SV-1 as opposed to playing on a semi-weighted MIDI controller has a completely different feel to it.

We even hooked up the Korg SV-1’s MIDI outs to a DAW and played EP Rhodes via the MAC on time. It sure sounded nice but what a waste of a good EP!

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    1. Thanks, and not at all. I have only just started using Lounge Lizard, therefore not had a chance to mess around with tweaking etc.

    1. That Gospel Musician player is promoting the Neo Soul Keys. They sound nice. I would like to check them both out to see which is better. You never know until you actually play them.

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