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I have recently started using some new video recording software which has enabled me to make better videos for online learning for playing the piano or keyboard. This is actually an Ableton Live plugin thru MAX Live. It displays the notes as your press them and also identifies the chords for you.

I recorded myself playing at the same time using a different camera and then simply combined them both.

I will do more videos and online tutorial like this for R&B and Neo Soul since this is very convenient software. I hope you find the below useful.


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    1. I didn’t really think about any particular key when I made up these chords. With this music genre, sticking to a certain key would not give the sound I am trying to create here. I am trying to play chords that give a certain mood. The key changes are give it that Neo Soul flavour. On top of that I am not even thinking about watch keys to change into. I am basically stringing chords together that sound good.
      If you want to sing or play melodies around a key, you would need to locate the individual notes for each chord.

  1. Excellent videos. Can you tell me where to get the software, or what DAW it is in… The Virtual Keyboard showing the notes and chord names. Thank You in Advance for Your Help.

    1. Thanks I am using Ableton Live 9 here as a DAW. The sound are from a VST pluggin called Lounge lizard. The on-screen keyboard is also part of Ableton Live MAX extensions.

  2. Thanks mate. Haveing the visuals make a lot of difference as I am still not too familiar with chord names but I am getting there.

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