The Korg SV1 Stage Vintage Piano

I have been using MIDI controller keyboards for some time now, and although they are suitable for music production, sometimes I want to just play the piano or play something that feels like a piano. Most portable synthesizer type keyboards have light or semi weighted keys. This makes quite a difference to your playing.

I have been thinking about purchasing the Korg SV1 since the price has dropped recently. It has weighted keys, heavy but still portable to some extent, and the sound is perfect for Neo Soul lovers. I don’t need the full 88 keys so the 73 key model would be perfectly fine.

Here in Japan I can buy a new one for around JPY 100,000 (USD 800) which I think is a very good price for such a great sounding keyboard.

For DAW tutorials I would still use the MIDI controller keyboard through as that is easier.


4 thoughts on “The Korg SV1 Stage Vintage Piano”

  1. I purchased one of these a couple years ago and I love it. The sounds are so warm and soulful. A little heavy but if you have your own transport I guess It’s portable.

  2. You can’t go wrong with this keyboard especially in the Neo Soul genre. Rather heavy though due to the weighted keys, not so portable.

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