KORG Krome 61

I purchased a new keyboard the other week. Not just a MIDI controller like I had previously been using, a proper synthesizer this time with on board sounds. The keyboard I bought is the Korg Krome 61. A bit of a down graded version of the Kronos but nevertheless a solid sounding keyboard, especially the electric piano sounds.

I would have preferred the 73 key version however this model was on sale for about 35% due to the fact that it was a display model. The keys are semi-weighted.

The way I intend to make tracks with it is to use it as audio input via my Audio interface. The audio is to be read by the DAW I use which is currently Ableton Live. The keyboard itself It has a built in sequencer so I can manipulate and edit notes through there but the output will be audio.

I have also connected the keyboard to my Audio interface’s MIDI port too so I can input data on the MIDI tracks. This way of course I would be playing sound through my DAW instead, but that’s fine, it will be mainly for drums which I already have a large collection of.

I am still learning some the functions of this keyboard but it is fun. Check out the video too. The Korg Kronos would have been nice, but this was perfectly within my budget at the time.


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    1. I will definitely be using the KORG instrument patching and recording them as audio. However, the drums will be from Ableton Live. Much easier to program the drums from there.

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