How to record Audio and MIDI at the same time‏

This is something I have started doing recently since I bought my new Keyboard. I like using Ableton Live and my VST plugins however I would like to use the sounds from my synthesizer.

Using my Audio interface I am able to record both Audio and MIDI at the same time in Ableton Live.

The setup is rather simple, I have audio L + R Cables coming from the Keyboard into my Audio interface. At the same time I am using two MIDI cable both IN & OUT to record the MIDI.

Back of my Korg
Audio from Korg into the Audio Interface
MIDI from Korg into Audio Interface

In Ableton Live make sure you have at least one MIDI and one Audio track. Hold CTRL and click on both record icons to set them in record mode. Press play on the sequencer and then play your keyboard and what both Audio and MIDI being captured at the same time. This is useful because not only do you have the Audio WAV file, but you have the MIDI file too which you can edit and use with different patches such as VSTs. 

Playing the MDI file track also plays the sound back through your synthesizer if you have both MIDI cables connected correctly. This is another way to edit your notes if you don’t like using the synthesizer on board editor. I have the Korg Krome which has a decent onboard sequencer but it is sometimes easier to use the computer DAW and mouse. The sequencer is good for live performances.

See the video below

5 thoughts on “How to record Audio and MIDI at the same time‏”

  1. I am not using an audio interface, I am simply plugging my synthesizer into the USB port in my PC. I would like to know the setup in order to play music from inside the keyboard itself.

    1. Plugging a keyboard into the USB cable would only be controlling the MIDI signals, similar to if you plug in a MIDI cable.
      If you want to record the audio from your keyboard into your computer’s DAW then you will need to invest in an Audio Interface which has audio inputs. The Audio Interface will connect to your PC via USB or Firewire. Your keyboard will plug directly into the audio interface via Audio cables and MIDI if required.

  2. I am thinking about purchasing a keyboard, but was also thinking why buy an expensive keyboard with on board sounds when you can get a cheaper MIDI controller and use free VSTs?

    1. It’s all down to preference mate. I used to use just VSTs but since getting the KORG, I feel that recording external sounds via Audio has more of a warm natural feeling to the overall mix. I will still use VSTs drums, but the KORG has some really nice natural sounding instruments that are not easy to find with free VSTs. You would need to pay for them.
      the amount of money you spend, you may as well just get a nice keyboard with rich on-board sounds.

  3. Nowadays with solid sounding VSTs many producers don’t even use Audio. They can get away MIDI only, generating realistic sound through the PC and DAW.

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