Jazz Blues on the Korg Krome

I just wanted to try out some of the instruments on my Korg Krome. I simply just put of one of the Jazz drums patterns on loop on the recorded the Bright Acoustic Bass patch into Ableton live. I also actually recorded the drum pattern from the Korg Krome in Ableton live as Audio, not Midi. The tempo on the Korg and Ableton were both in sync so the drums loops perfectly.

I recorded the Krome Warm Piano first, and then improvised using the E.Piano Mark I R&B patch. I say improvised but it is actually a slightly rehearsed piece originating from an improvised melody I did actually play earlier on today.

The chords are Bb min 9th, Ab min 9th x 3, then Bb maj 7th or 9th.

Check it out.

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    1. In Ableton Live at the top left where the tempo is you will see a button “EXT”. If you select this, the Korg Krome’s tempo will be synced.

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