Making a Hip Hop beat on the Korg Krome

I wanted to should you how a simple Hip Hop beat can be made using the Korg Krome.

The Korg Krome has a very useful in-built sequencer which is excellent for putting together ideas, which is what I am showing in the below video. I wouldn’t make a full finish track using the Krome’s sequencer alone however it give you an idea of how the finished product should sound.

The Drums

I started off using the Urban Hip Hop Kit under the drum selection. This has some very solid drums perfect for Hip Hop. I simply set the sequencer to loop on 4 bars by going going to the “preferences” menu tap at the bottom of the sequencer window. I like to record and play real time. Anything that is off sounded can be edited using the built it editor however I prefer to simply re-record. I find it quicker.

The keys and chords

Chords are very important for me and make up the frame of a track. I used the E.P Mark V Distortion patch for this example. Perfect for Hip Hop.

The Bass

I like the bass to be very relaxed therefore would NEVER quantize it. I used a TRI Bass for this, slightly synth sounding.

I would add more instruments however this is all you need for the basic structure of a beat at first. If I were to make a polished track I would record each track separately as Audio into Ableton live. The drums, even though recorded as Audio would then be converted to MIDI through Ableton Live. As MIDI I could then easily editing the timing of the drums.


7 thoughts on “Making a Hip Hop beat on the Korg Krome”

  1. This is nice man. Very rare I hear Hip hop beats straight out the Synthesizer. Makes me want to go out and purchase the Krome Korg. I need to learn them keys a little better though.
    Respect man.

    1. Thanks man. Can easily be done, however as I mentioned also in the video. I would be recording each track individually into the DAW.

    1. Well the MPC definitely has a better feel to it when inputting drums, but the keys are also fine if you are used to it.

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